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Oilvida Home Scents is range of unique aromas, including a beautiful concrete vessels that are hand-made and repurpose once the wax burns down. Smile fragrance that illustrates the true citrus notes of grapefruit that will leave anyone feeling refreshed and energized. Top - Blackcurrant, Orange, Grapefruit
Middle - Lilac, Lily of the Valley
Base - Musk

Smile Candle

€ 39,99 EUR
A highly nourishing and restorative face oil which energises cells, boosts collagen production and reduces the appearance of wrinkles while improving elasticity and softness. Rosemary is a fantastic way to cleanse your aura and awaken your heart chakras and helps to live with more compassion, love, and forgiveness.‍

Balancing Facial Serum

€ 44,99 EUR
This blend naturally moisturises your belly and boobs, keeping it hydrated during and post pregnancy and reducing the occurrence of stretch marks. Jojoba blended with rosehip and shea butter leave your skin feeling moisturised without the oily feeling. Essential oils of geranium, grapefruit and lavender blended with Cacay create a soft floral scent. Nourishing to your skin to help prevent stretch marks. You've got this mama.

Stretch marks

€ 64,99 EUR
ECO-LUXURY PRODUCTS FOR YOUR DAILY SELF-CARE RITUALS All natural cold-processed soaps handmade in small batches using high-quality clean ingredients. Scented with pure essential oils, coloured with mineral-rich clays, infused with organic botanicals. Our luxurious vegan-friendly products come in simple, 100% plastic-free packaging.

Soap Garden

€ 15 EUR
Smudging is popular to promote healing and increase overall wellness. Our hand-tied, wildcrafted, white sage smudge stick with rose petals corresponding to each chakra, is the perfect addition to your wellness routine with energy of Reiki. "MANTRA: I am, and always will be enough."


€ 20 EUR
Our sparkling salt soak instantly banishes negative energy. Great for an instant mood boost, detoxifying from a negative environment, or anytime you need to get some unicorn magic in your life! Our essential oil blend of organic rose, ylang-ylang and frankincense promote a sense of well-being. "MANTRA: I am attracting positive and abundant people into my life."


€ 49,99 EUR
White sage is known to remove negative energy and negative ions, which aid the body in demolishing built-up bacteria and releasing feel-good chemicals from the brain. Smudging is practiced in many cultures, but it is widely popular in the Indian and Native American cultures to promote healing and increase overall wellness and peaceful ambience. "MANTRA: All I need to do is follow the habits that lead to success, and I will achieve my goals."


€ 12 EUR
Our enchantment elixir oil is our strongest blend with an uplifting proprietary of essential oils with aphrodisiacal properties and is infused with the healing power of crystals. This natural blend of jasmine + ylang-ylang helps to stimulate inner confidence + empowerment! Use it before a date or at the office before an important meeting. "MANTRA: I am connected to the whole. Today I Am confident, I accept myself and I love myself. I am Life Itself.


€ 59,99 EUR
Our sleep elixir oil is a deeply relaxing proprietary blend of naturally calming essential oils infused with amethyst crystals.
This natural sedative may help to decrease the severity of insomnia and support restful sleep. "MANTRA: My body and my mind deserve peace."


€ 59,99 EUR
Our powerful yet safe, all natural hand sanitizer spray gives you peace of mind with the ability to clean both hands and surfaces. Non-GMO alcohol is blended with hydrating essential oils to maintain the skin's balance. With a delicate citrus scent, this convenient sanitizer spray allows you to clean door handles, phones, keyboards, and other surfaces without having to touch them yourself. "MANTRA: I am safe. Everything is okay."


€ 64,99 EUR
Our essential oil and crystal infused aromatherapy spray helps to amplify your intentions!
Use it during your favorite full moon ritual or spray it at home to manifest blessings, on yourself when your mood needs a boost, or anywhere else as you focus on your intentions! These intentions will be amplified even more during the full moon. Our signature blend of crystals and organic essential oils to draw in divine energy + invite positivity and manifestation power. "MANTRA: I attract happy, loving people into my life by being happy and loving."


€ 64,99 EUR
Our essential oil and crystal-infused aromatherapy spray aids in release limiting beliefs or negative energies that may not be serving you in your life!
Use it during your favorite new moon ritual or spray it on your sheets to help with restful sleep, on yourself when you need to relax, or in your home as you focus on your intentions to surrender! These intentions will be amplified even more during the New Moon. "MANTRA: I am at peace with what happened, is happening, and will happen."


€ 64,99 EUR
Our aromatherapy spray is an uplifting blend of essential oils to enhance your personal power and spray the bad vibes away! This natural blend of Geranium + Ylang Ylang is great to use when you need a reset! Use it when you need an instant mood boost or when you just need to clear negative energy away. "MANTRA: I am worthy of love, abundance, success, happiness and fulfillment."


€ 64,99 EUR
Our shielding elixir oil is an all natural mood booster in a bottle. Infused with the healing power of crystals, our blend of essential oils instantly banishes fatique, migraines, digestion issues, negative energy and promotes sense of well-being and bring some magic in your life! "MANTRA: I am on a beautiful journey to become the best version of myself"


€ 59,99 EUR

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None of our products has been tested on animals and we strictly stay away from palm oil, avocado oil, harmful chemicals, toxins, synthetic fragrances/colourants or preservatives!
Our products are suitable for Vegans.

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